The mountains of Vesterålen – green Alps in the North

The mountains of Vesterålen – green Alps in the North


There are plenty of easy accessible mountains in the whole Vesterålen area. It doesn’t matter where you go. The unbeatable combination of the mountains and fjords, makes the hike a grand experience. When on top of a mountain, the view is so magnificent that you want to stay there forever.


Our guided hikes are in the mountains in the southern part of the Vesterålen islands. The mountain guide will “spice” the hike with interesting stories and facts about the area and fauna where we are hiking.  

There are a lot of eagles in our region. We can almost guarantee that we will see this majestic bird soar over us, looking for a prey. Moose is also common to see, while the population is high in these areas.

The view is marvelous and the surroundings breathtaking!

You can see the Midnight Sun in Vesterålen between the 22nd. of May until the 18th. of July. We are happy to arrange hiking tours which make you sit on a mountain top at 1 am., when the sun is at its lowest.

This is included:

  • Transport
  • Walking poles
  • Mountain guide  

Departures four times a week in the period from the 1th of June to the 31th of August. There are different mountains to hike on the different days, so you will not get the same experience if you want to attend to several tours.

Important to know:

  • Our mountain guide demands correct shoes and outfit. You will not be allowed to participate on a hike, if the outfit is incorrect.
  • Food and drinks are important for a good tour experience. We can offer this, if you don`t want to arrange it yourself. A backpack is also offered from us.

Price will vary between NOK 495 and 725, depending of the length of each tour.


Program for our guests:

  • Pick-up points are Melbu Hotell and Vesterålen Kysthotell.
  • 5 to 30 minutes drive to the area where we are to start the hike. Walking poles will be supplied by our guides at arrival.  
  • Guided hike in the mountains, the highest points are between 260 and 700 meters above the sea level. There will be plenty of breaks during the trip, where you can enjoy the view, food and drinks. Remember to bring a camera.   
  • After being out from 2 to 6 hours, we will return to the pick-up points.

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