Sea Eagle Safari - a majestic experience

«The flying fisherman» - are you ready for an extraordinary experience?

The sea eagle is the largest bird of prey in Northern Europe, and the fourth largest eagle in the world. The species is one of more birds of prey in the hawk family. The sea eagle can be between 87 and 100 cm long. The wingspan can be up to 265 cm on the female sea eagle, a bit shorter on the male. The sea eagle can be up to 50 years old, but it is rare.


Our experience starts at the floating dock at Melbu. A speedboat will carry us to the mouth of Raftsundet where we under normal conditions will meet the sea eagle. The boat trip in itself, is an experience.

After approximately 30 minutes, we will arrive at the habitat of this bird. The sea eagle primarily eats fish (ap. 60 %) which it catches by «diving» to the sea surface and placing its claw into their prey. The sea eagle is a fantastic swimmer, and can swim the fish to land, if it is too big to carry in the air. These preys can be as big as the sea eagles own weight.


The preys can be as big as the sea eagles own weight

We will allure the sea eagle with our own “sea eagle snack”, and the experience of the sea eagle flying towards our boat to “catch” it’s well earned meal, is beyond your imagination. You have to experience it yourself to understand.

We arrange sea eagle safari all year.


This is included:

  • Exciting trip by speedboat (maximum 45 knots)
  • Guide/Skipper
  • Life jacket. We can also offer survival/thermal suits for hire.


We will arrange daily safaris in the periods between 15.01 – 31.03, and 01.06 – 31.08. The safari must be ordered before 8 pm. the day before you want to go on sea eagle safari.  


Price per person: NOK 975,-

Program for our guests:

  • Starting point is by the floating dock at Melbu. We can arrange transport, if needed.
  • You will meet the guide and skipper at the starting point. His professional performance is our warranty of an adventurous sea eagle safari.
  • We will cross the Hadsel fjord, and head for the mouth of Raftsundet. 30 minutes later, we will arrive to the habitat of the sea eagle.
  • Sea eagle experience, approximately one hour.
  • After two hours, we are back to the starting point.

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