Midnight sun hike

Join us for a memorable mountain hike while admiring the Midnight Sun. What about seeing the sunset and sunrise in half an hour?

Vesterålen is HIKER’S PARADISE!

Enjoy a mountain hike under the midnight sun. At 1 am., the sun is at its lowest, and during our scenic tour on the Hadsel island, you will see both the sunset and sunrise in half an hour.

You can see the midnight sun in Vesterålen between the 23rd. of May and the 19th. of July. On days with clear sky, we know where to hike if you want to experience the midnight sun. We take you from the pick-up-points to the foot of the mountain. The mountain guide will “spice” the hike with interesting stories and facts about the area and fauna where we are hiking.

On the summit we will experience the midnight sun. This is an event where you have to use more senses than the eye. Listen to the quietness, smell the fresh air and feel the special atmosphere. This is an experience to remember the rest of your life.

You don’t want to leave, but after seeing the sunrise, we will return to the pick-up point.

“The mountains in north of Norway are so beautiful and dramatic. Hiking in the mountains under the Midnight Sun is magical. The atmosphere is incredible with the reddish yellow light and fantastic views. It gives me goosebumps!”

– Kenn Løkkegaard, mountain guide in Vesterålen

Program for our guests

  1. Late in the evening, we start picking up guests. Pick-up places are at Melbu and Stokmarknes.
  2. Transport to the mountain we are to ascend, which is approx. 20 minutes drive from Stokmarknes or Melbu. When arriving at the foot of the mountain, our guests will be provided with hiking poles (if needed).
  3. Guided mountain hike approx. 2 hours. During the hike we will experience the midnight sun from the summit of the mountain. There will be breaks where you can enjoy the view, food and drinks. Remember to bring your camera. We return from the summit at 01.15 pm.
  4. After 3-4 hours, we will return to pick-up points.

Included in the tour

  • Transport between the foot of the mountain and pick-up points
  • English speaking mountain guide
  • Guided hike to the mountain top
  • Hiking poles
  • Midnight sun certificate

Do you need food and drinks on tour?

It is possible to rent a backpack included local food, hot and cold drinks for NOK 295.

Important to know

It is important to be dry, warm and to feel safe on our tours. Our guide demands correct shoes and outfit, so our guests stay warm and safe. If the outfit is not correct, you will not be allowed to participate.

Information about how to dress properly for mountain hiking. You find it here: How to dress properly for outdoor activities.

A backpack with food, drinks and extra clothes is also important for a good experience.

We need the sky to be clear or slighty cloudy to experience the midnight sun. If we see that the weather will be too cloudy, the trip will be cancelled. Information will be given to the participants.


Sustainability and eco-friendly tourism are one of our main priorities. We do not want to leave any traces behind.

We hope you can help us with:

  • Not throwing thrash in the nature.
  • Walking on the trails already made.
  • Listening to the guide’s instruction if we meet animals.
  • Using toilette facilities BEFORE starting the tour. There are no public toilets available on this tour.
  • Respecting the other participants.


  • Midnight Sun Experience
  • The view from the summit
  • Knowledgeable English speaking guide
  • The eagles and the sound of silence
  • Midnight Sun Certificate

Prices from NOK 1045
NOK 600 /children up to 15 years together with an adult.

Minimum 1 participant

May – July
} 3-4 hours

We offer backpack with local food and drinks

Backpack incl. local food/drinks – NOK 295 

Pick-up points at Melbu and Stokmarknes

Departure times

Stokmarknes: at 11:00 pm
Melbu: at 11:20 pm


Check availability and book your trip.



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Midnight sun hike

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