Northern lights explorer

Join us in the hunt for the fantastic phenomenon of nature – the Northern Lights. We arrange group trips by bus with an experienced photographer to chase for the lights during the fall, winter and spring.

Vesterålen is situated in the middle of the Northern Lights oval, and is therefore perfectly placed for Aurora Borealis experiences. From Melbu and Stokmarknes we will bring guests into grand sceneries with our own guides.

We arrange group trips by bus to chase for the lights during fall, winter and spring. Our trips mainly take you to the southern parts of the Vesterålen islands where there are better chances to see it and the light pollution is minimal. We will do our best to find the best place to see the northern light, considering weather conditions.

During our Northern Lights trips we try to take good photos if we find the Aurora Borealis. Our guide will help you to catch it on camera. This way you can bring the memory back home and share it with friends and family.

“The Northern Lights are fireworks – unbelievable even for the most spirited mind. No colour and no brush is able to paint it, and no word is able to describe it’s greatness.”


– Carl Weyprecht, Austrian polar explorer

The Aurora Borealis season is between September and April. Every day Aurora is dancing, we are ready to take our guests out. The experience must be booked within 12 noon the same day the guests want to participate.

It would be foolish of us to give you a Northern Lights guarantee since it is a natural phenomenon, but we guarantee we do our best to find it. If we believe it will be hard to find it due to bad weather conditions, we reconsider together with our guests whether to cancel and postpone the trip to the next day, or not.

Program for our guests

  1. We pick up our guests at the hotels in Melbu and Stokmarknes.
  2. The chase will mainly take place in the southern parts of the Vesterålen islands where there are better chances to see it and the light pollution is minimal. If needed, ski poles and crampons will be supplied by our guides at arrival.
  3. Guided Northern Lights experience. We will serve hot drinks during the tour, we will also recommend that you bring a little snack. Our guides have competence in photography, and advise is available for those who want to “catch” Aurora.
  4. We are returning to the hotels after approximately 4 to 5 hours. After the trip our guests will receive a Northern Lights certificate.

Included in the tour

  • Transport, crampons and ski poles
  • Hot drinks
  • Northern Lights guide and a Northern Lights certificate

We are also offering hot thermal suits and boots, personalized Northern Lights certificate with your own picture, a backpack included a thermos with hot drinks, food and seat pads. This is NOT included in the price, and must be ordered in advance.


Sustainability and eco-friendly tourism are one of our main priorities. We do not want to leave any traces behind.

We hope you can help us with:

  • Not throwing thrash in the nature.
  • Walking on the trails already made.
  • Listening to the guide’s instruction if we meet animals.
  • Using toilette facilities BEFORE starting the tour. There are no public toilets available on this tour.
  • Respecting the other participants.


  • Northern Lights chase
  • Transport, crampons and ski poles
  • Hot drinks
  • Experienced Northern Lights guide
  • Northern Lights certificate
Price on request

Groups of minimum 6

September – March
} 4-5 hours

Pick-up points at Melbu and Stokmarknes



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Northern lights explorer

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